Professional Values

Our team is committed to providing value to our clients through professional advice and successful execution.  We embrace our core values in every engagement:


Antarctica is an independent advisory firm focused on the success of its clients  and avoiding conflicting interests.


Antarctica’s specialized  knowledge, experience and track-record in the Food Industry is what allows its team to identify and satisfy the clients’ needs and deliver creative and efficient solutions.

Customized Advice

Antarctica’s clients receive customized solutions from its specialized advisory team, receiving senior-level attention throughout the transaction process.


Antarctica strives to build long-lasting relationships with its clients, both professional and personal.

Global Mindset

Antarctica’s team members have ample experience in advising in cross-border transactions in various situations throughout the Food Industry value chain.


Antarctica  embraces the importance of confidentiality to ensure its clients full trust and continued honesty.

Trusted Advisor Role

Antarctica has a keen understanding of why clients continue to choose to work with its team members, and as such our team ensures that its values and goals are consistent with those of its clients.

Established Network

Antarctica has long-term relationships with financial and strategic investors focused on the Food industry, providing its clients with access to the appropriate counterparty from the outset of the transaction process.