SENA15: ‘On the Money’ panel to delve into seafood industry investing

The annual Business Forum will take a hard look at what some say the seafood industry needs most: outside investment.

The “On the Money: Trends and Opportunities for Investing in Seafood” panel discussion brings experts from three sectors of the seafood economic landscape together: commercial banking, investment banking and investing.

On hand to discuss the challenges the industry faces and the opportunities presented by shifting interest rates, mergers and acquisitions and the forces of supply and demand will be Tim Antilla, senior VP of Seafood and Maritime Industries at Wells Fargo; Ignacio Kleiman, managing partner at Antarctica Advisors; and Jeff Davis, senior managing partner at International Seafood Partners.

Antilla, who represents the perspective of the commercial banking industry, has participated in the Seafood Expo North America conference program for several years, as has Kleiman, an investment banker. Davis is a longtime seafood industry veteran and former executive with American Seafoods Group in Seattle.

The event will be held at Seafood Expo North America, in Room 152 at the Boston Convention and Exhibition Center, on Monday, 16 March at from 11 a.m. to 12:30 p.m.